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Letter: Lymington has a special and serious problem with second homes

In his letter 'Building won't change shortage' (A&T 10th Nov) NA Fancett makes many valid points. His conclusions apply to UK in general. But Lymington and surroundings have a special and serious problem. That is 'second homes', 'holiday homes' and even 'investment homes'.

All you need to do is drive along Milford seafront in mid-week to find the majority of houses empty.

Wander through Lymington on an evening and find most of the block of flats with few lights on.

In Keyhaven I have noticed some of the biggest and best houses are never occupied.

Second home ownership is having impact on town
Second home ownership is having impact on town

While our current housing stock is so under utilised, building more will only satisfy those who will keep them as investments.

I know it is difficult, but in Wales there are measures to limit second homes, like 300% council tax. That would cut under utilisation or if not at least reduce council tax for the residents.

Is something similar not needed for the New Forest and Hampshire coast?

Mike Beggs


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