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Letter: Let's turn Lymington quay into new Zeeland

SIR – Let's avoid this unimaginative planning disaster.

Ray Mayes (Letters, 30th April) rightly drew attention to the need to plan for future development of the entire quayside area, not just replace a wrongly sited, unpopular, unsightly, unsanitary toilet block located in a noisy car park.

Originally a minor port, Lymington is now a market town and tourist centre, with visitors arriving by river and road. In the absence of an obvious town centre, Lymington’s quayside area is our most popular ‘must visit’ location.

Why therefore was it ever allowed to be dominated by a car park featuring a large toilet block that could have been discretely located elsewhere?

New Forest District Council planners and Lymington Society members should visit the Zeeland area of the Netherlands, which is similarly dependent on tourism by boat and car.

Toilet facilities there are provided in suitably adapted buildings run by local authorities and sailing clubs, or by publicans and shopkeepers who welcome the additional income generated.

Car parking is restricted and the charming harbours, old buildings, squares and town centres remain unspoiled.

NFDC’s justification for the proposed new toilet block is that the existing facilities are now 20 years old and in need of replacement. And they wish to have the new facilities ready for the 2022 sailing season. What bizarre reasoning!

Why the rush? Surely the priority should be to get it right and provide facilities that enhance the quayside area and attract visitors, rather than merely repeat the mistakes of the past?

Bill Basham,

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