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Letter: Laughable response to speed cameras on Roger Penny Way

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SIR – The response from the Forest authorities regarding the installation of average speed cameras on Roger Penny Way is as predictable as night following day.

Their usual motto, ‘Do nothing meaningful unless we have to’, is endemic because, in this case, it is just too difficult to rally together all the people and organisations involved in the decision-making process to make things happen and, of course, lazy minds lead to sluggish actions.

Now look at the sudden response we have from these very same authorities relating to average speed cameras along this road. They have received a very firm collective kicking up the backside from 63,000 little boots, joined up as one big boot.

A police speed check on Roger Penny Way (photo: Hampshire police)
A police speed check on Roger Penny Way (photo: Hampshire police)

Their response has been laughable, though. Typical from organisations that have been woken up from a deep sleep and are still rubbing their eyes to clear their collective vision. Anybody would think that animal deaths were something new.

Here are some of their comments:

“Of course, we all recognise this is a high priority...”; “Having brought us all together there is now a clear commitment...”; “Forest animal deaths are highly distressing...”.

Realisation at last, maybe?

I love this one: “Hampshire County Council will now work closely with local partners on a feasibility study looking at the potential for average speed cameras on this stretch of road...”

This is a classic local authority statement as it allows them to kick the can down the road if they need to get out of the situation.

Oh well, possibly more time wasting and as yet no clear declaration as to how long this whole process could take.

How long have they had now?

John Walsh,
Address supplied

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