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Letter: It's time to replace trees in the New Forest, not refuse them

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SIR – I read with some concern and dismay the reports about the refusal by the verderers to allow the planting of a plan for additional trees, in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee, because of the loss of “valuable grazing” (A&T, 4th march).

As I journey through the Forest, I am appalled at the amount of fallen timber being left to rot. I am aware that this creates habitat for fungi, insects and the like, but surely this is best served by the smaller sections of brash that litter the forest floor.

Should more trees be replaced in the Forest? (Picture: Mecha Morton)
Should more trees be replaced in the Forest? (Picture: Mecha Morton)

The amount of surface area taken up by the fallen trees must far outweigh the amount of potential grazing lost by the planting of replacement specimens.

There does not seem to be any will to replace all the trees that were brought down by the recent or previous storms.

So come on, verderers, put your own house in order and let’s encourage some clearing up and regeneration.

George Bisson,

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