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Letter: I am not anti EV per se, never have been and never will be, but it has to be horses for courses, even in New Forest

Whilst I welcome constructive criticism on the issue of EVs, it is plain from the responses that have been published so far to my letter of Friday Nov 24th that I have been accused of being anti EV. I am not anti EV per se, never have been and never will be but it has to be horses for courses.

The content of my letter has either been misread, relevant parts ignored or just used as an opportune time to take a pop at someone who is trying to achieve a fair balance.

Electric vehicle charging station
Electric vehicle charging station

I stated quite clearly at the very beginning that there were upsides and downsides to EVs and that for the most part all we were being fed were the upsides. I spent a number of weeks researching EVs, and could have written a whole page on the subject, both good and bad.

The letters page of the A&T is no place for a full blown discussion or false accusations on the subject. I had to bullet point much of what I had to say, and this has disadvantages in itself as it lays the subject wide open misinterpretation and of course in my case, the misplaced criticism that followed. I had assumed that most readers would have the sense to understand what I was trying to portray.

I can only repeat what I said before. Take note of the points I have raised and do your own research! This is vitally important. There is a whole lot of misinformation out there. If after doing that and in the end you reach the conclusion that an EV is right for your circumstances, fine, go for it.

I hope this puts an end to any misunderstanding.

John F Walsh

Address supplied

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