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Letter: How will wheelie bins improve recycling in the New Forest?

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SIR – With news that wheelie bins are to be forced upon us (A&T, 11th March), could someone please explain to me how having one will "drive up recycling rates"?

I produce one black bag and one clear (recycling) bag of waste a week. With a wheelie bin I will still have the same amount of waste and it will still have to go in a bag to go in the bin.

Will bins mean more recycling than bags
Will bins mean more recycling than bags

The only way to increase recycling rates is for the council to improve their recycling plants to accepts more types of waste.

Most items I have that have the recycling logo on, aren’t accepted by New Forest District Council for recycling!

At a time when everyone’s pockets are being squeezed, is it really sensible to spend an extra £1.5m annually?

N. Cantello,

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