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Letter: Hot weather great for the workshy

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SIR – What has happened to snowflake Britain when three or four days of discomfort bring sections of the community and workforce to a grinding halt?

It is reported that, in future, some companies have agreed to grant employees sunny days off! No doubt, to be followed by snow days, rainy days and wet days.

Too hot to work? Try slacking off
Too hot to work? Try slacking off

What a marvellous excuse for the workshy to spend even more time doing nothing. No longer any pride in doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay!

Yet it is those same people who would go to pieces and moan like hell if they got no mail, their wheelie bins weren’t emptied, their pub ran out of beer or their favourite pizza wasn’t delivered – let alone if their hospital’s A&E was closed if they turned up there with a sore thumb.

God help us all if we found ourselves faced with the very real disasters and privations of a World War 3!

Phyllis Inglis,
New Milton

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