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Letter: Wilverley dirt jump bikers deserve some sympathy

SIR – I would like to voice some qualified support for the people who contravened local bylaws in building the dirt jump bike area in Wilverley inclosure (A&T, 28th May).

Although I in no way condone law breaking, the (probably young) people who did this deserve some sympathy.

The wild track was found at Wilverley Inclosure
The wild track was found at Wilverley Inclosure

Dirt jump biking is a sport, one that requires skill, physical aptitude and daring in much the same way that, for example, snow boarding or BMX riding does, both of which have recently

been adopted as Olympic sports.

As a sport, dirt jump biking is as similar to riding the very lovely but genteel official trails of the New Forest as marathon running is to a Sunday afternoon family stroll.

These riders and trail builders are young people trying to participate in a skilful physical sport in the outdoors.

When local government provides them with no appropriate facilities, offering up instead facilities for a totally different sport, these young people have taken the initiative.

What choice were they given?

Should they have got home to play online games?

No, local government should listen to young people and recognise it for what it is – a symptom of an unmet need.

Dr Thomas Daniels,


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