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Letter: Forget goshawks, cull the cats

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SIR – Reading the letter blaming goshawks and badgers for the demise of birds and hedgehogs (Letters, 24th December 2021), at least this killing is for food, unlike the killer cat.

If any animal needs culling due to the large population in our country it is this creature.

This animal kills up to 100-million of our wildlife a year whether through outright killing or petrifying wildlife to death.

Kept by a lot of lazy people?
Kept by a lot of lazy people?

I believe, like in parts of Australia, cats should be kept in at night.

Of course, this pet is one kept by a lot of lazy people who go to work and, unlike a dog, do not have to give it exercise but just let it out to get up to any mischief they desire.

G. Brown,
Ashley Heath

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