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Letter: Election not a win for Conservatives but for voter apathy

SIR – It was indeed a clean sweep for the Hampshire Conservatives in our local elections (A&T, 14th May). However, as ever their victory was achieved by the exploitation of apathy.

By my arithmetic in the New Milton areas both Mel Kendal and Fran Carpenter were elected on about 25% of the potential vote while in both cases voter apathy achieved 62%.

And likely that will continue as the vested interest of the winning party is to preserve the status quo which, barring a criminal conviction or being sectioned under the Mental Health Act, provides a sinecure for life to the same old smiley faces, the lackeys to austerity.

The only sign of ‘reform’ on the horizon is Boris Johnson’s Trumpian voter suppression ID proposal.

Even the ladies (of a certain age) behind the tables in the Barton Methodist Hall were in agreement that it is long past the time to facilitate online voting.

We have just completed a national census online and for more than a year parliamentary business, despite the unsound ravings of the leader of the house, has been conducted online too. And was there ever a more appropriate time than this year to undertake this long overdue initiative?

But again the vested interest of the ruling party negated any progress as research indicates that the voter demographic could be altered, and a younger voter profile would endanger the permanency of those rarely changing smiley faces.

Rod England,

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