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Letter: Couple ignored hurt jogger on Lymington sea wall

SIR – Normally the sea wall is a lovely friendly place to walk. The following event is most unusual.

During the weekend (10th-11th April), walking on the sea wall at Lymington, I observed a young woman jogging.

She tried to avoid a couple coming in the opposite direction but, whether by mistake or not, the man stuck his leg out and tripped the jogger so that she tumbled down the sea wall. The couple walked on ignoring the fallen jogger.

Lymington sea wall (picture: Google) (46481947)
Lymington sea wall (picture: Google) (46481947)

Fortunately another jogger had witnessed this occurrence and helped the poor girl up the bank but also took the opportunity to berate the man who had caused the tumble and had shown no concern.

The girl hurt her arm and knee and was bravely trying not to cry

Carole Dixon,

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