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Letter: Ban fireworks for the animals' sake

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SIR – Another Bonfire Night has come around too soon!

I was at home and made sure my two cats were in. On hearing the first bang of a firework, my boy cat came running from my bedroom and my girl cat in the lounge, happily curled up on a cold day, also ran to hide behind and under my sofa.

I tried to reassure but they are intelligent animals and hide to protect themselves.

Many New Forest ponies are affected by fireworks
Many New Forest ponies are affected by fireworks

Please, can a ban be put on fireworks? The pretty sparkly fireworks are good enough for children. The bangs sound like a war. It will soon be Remembrance Sunday and poppies are placed around. Who needs to hear these large bangs?

It is so frightening to my two cats. I keep them in because of this awful night! How do the elderly, who have fought in and lived through wars, feel to hear these too-loud bangs?

Have respect for veterans and the local wild animals and horses, cows and donkeys on the Forest, and domestic pets!

Don't let 5th November be a date to dread! Sparklers are adequate for children.

Miss C. Bedford,

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