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Letter: A huge cloud is hanging over Milford at present, as a second housing estate is proposed

I LIVE in Milford-on-Sea, a place which was laid out as a village, much of it with narrow lanes, very few footpaths and limited parking, it currently has a population of around 4,500.

A huge cloud is hanging over the village at present, as a second housing estate is proposed, on previously delegated green belt land, the biggest development in the last 50 years. This proposed estate started out at its inception as 110 properties but now it is intended that it could be 190, which is a 73% increase and considered by many people as an excessive number for the village to absorb a density that would amount to overcrowding.

Huge waves crash onto Milford promenade (picture: Jeannie Kendall)
Huge waves crash onto Milford promenade (picture: Jeannie Kendall)

In addition to dealing with this, people are shocked to learn that of their three New Forest District Council councillors representing the area, two of them are currently members of the NFDC planning committee, one the current chair. This apparently means they cannot actively support us over this proposed development, due to a conflict of interest. So when we need their support the most, they are unable to give it, due to this service on the planning committee.

If this is correct, and their hands are tied, this raises questions.

Firstly, should these councillors have notified us they were considering standing for this committee before the last elections in May, and the constraints it would impose on them when they knew what was ahead for the village?

Secondly, accepting ‘cabinet responsibility’ may apply in this case, should there be a limit on the percentage of our representatives taking on roles which challenge their service to their community?

Sally D


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