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From Our Files: Bus strike chaos...fungus threat...more campsites

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AS the result of a bus strike in Bournemouth this week, a great deal of confusion was caused in Lymington, New Milton and district to people who use this means of transport.

The strike was called to begin at midnight on Monday, and the public were under the impression that from the following day there would be no buses running at all.

However, at the last moment, although Bournemouth drivers and conductors came out, the Lymington and Southampton depots decided to carry on.

* * * * *

THE death occurred on 27th June of Mr Frank Hole, landlord of the Plough Inn, Hordle, for the past 17 years, during which he made many friends.

Prior to taking over the Plough, Mr Hole was landlord of The Mill Arms, Dunbridge, near Romsey. He was a great lover of the New Forest and was keenly interested in farming and animal life. He was 73.

* * * * *

THE annual rally of the New Forest and Christchurch Divisional Labour Party held in the Victory Park, Lymington, on Sunday, was addressed by Mr Tony Greenwood, MP for Heywood and Radcliffe Lancs.

He conveyed from his comrades in the House good wishes and congratulations on the fight the party was putting up in what was technically called a “backward area”.


YELLOW rust, a fungus disease which attacks winter wheat, has severely damaged crops over most of the country. In the Midland counties much wheat is already cut and is being used for sileage.

Farms in the A&T area seem to have escaped the worst of the disease. Mr W. W. Bailey, of Manor Farm, Pennington, told an A&T reporter that the seventy acres he has under wheat have not been affected by yellow rust, though a less harmful fungus was established on some of the plants.

* * * * *

MR PETER Rosati, the actor from Burley who uses the stage name of Peter Forest, has been very seriously injured in a road accident near Paris.

Mr Rosati, who has appeared in several films and on television, has been treated in the Brentoneau Hospital at Tours.

He has sustained extensive leg injuries, severe facial bruising and a broken arm.

* * * * *

NO objections are being raised by the South West Hants Divisional Planning Committee to six further informal camping areas in the New Forest, proposed by the Forestry Commission.

The sites are at Pipers Wait, Matley Pit, Matley Ridge, Setthorns, Hincheslea, and the Beaulieu overspill site. In the case of Pipers Wait, the committee is asking for more screening.

On one proposed site, that at Goatspen Plain, near Burley, a holding objection is being made, in the hope that an alternative site can be found.


Hurst Spit stabilisation project received industry recognition last week when it won the Institute of Civil Engineers Merit Award for the South.

Hirst Spit 25 years ago
Hirst Spit 25 years ago

Sometimes referred to as the guardian of the Western Solent, the spit provided vital protection to the coastline, particularly the sensitive salt marshes between Hurst and Lymington which are conserved as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The £5m stabilisation project doubled the volume of the spit and raised the height of the shingle crest by almost one metre. A total of 125,000 tonnes of rock was transported from Norway and France to armour the spit along with the shingle dredged from Christchurch Bay and pumped ashore via a floating pipeline.

* * * * *

A LYMINGTON rail worker was taken to Southampton General Hospital on Friday 27th June after he was attacked by stone-throwing youths while he attended to a fault on the line between Chandler’s Ford and Romsey.

Mr Sheppard (44) needed his injuries treated after a stone hit and cut his head. He was with two other workers at about 8pm when six youths were spotted in the area.

* * * * *

NEW Forest West MP Desmond Swayne has told his constituents that he will never be bound or mandated by their opinions.

He said at a branch meeting on Friday in last week at Pennington that he was not prepared to promote their opinions at the expense of his own.

“Parliament is a deliberate assembly for one nation with one interest and not a collection of constituencies,” said Mr Swayne.

“The general good has to be our guide and we must not be governed by local prejudices.”

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