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Bionic girl Evie meets her Beaulieu benefactor at National Motor Museum

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Evie Lambert (centre) and her family met Paul Nicholas (right) at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu
Evie Lambert (centre) and her family met Paul Nicholas (right) at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu

A YOUNG girl with a 3D-printed bionic arm enjoyed a special day trip to the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu where she met the local man who changed her life, writes Anna Roberts.

Evie Lambert (11), from Huddersfield, was born with no left hand due to suffering from an amniotic band syndrome in the womb which restricted the growth of limbs.

That has meant she has struggled her whole life to complete everyday tasks, such as brushing her hair and tying her shoe laces.

However, in December 2018, Evie was surprised with the news that an anonymous benefactor from Beaulieu had donated £10,000 for her to have a 3D-Printed Bionic Hero Arm.

This can detect muscle spasms within the body which are used to control the hand and arm to make it move.

When Evie first got her bionic arm, mum Sally told the Mercury Press: “She’s tackling things she wouldn’t have done before.

"She couldn’t have wished for a better Christmas present. If she could have put anything on her list it would have been this”.

Earlier this month Evie and her family were delighted when the generous benefactor, Paul Nicholas invited them to Beaulieu as he had organised a special trip to the National Motor Museum.

The family explored the various exhibitions and Evie and her brother Henry were especially fascinated with the Top Gear attraction, which holds all the broken and wrecked cars that get written off on the popular BBC One show.

The family were given special access to house and were even able to ride in some of the vintage cars.

“Everyone made Evie feel so welcome. We kind of felt like VIPs,” Sally told A&T.

However, Evie was most excited to meet Mr Nicholas for the first time and show off her bionic arm to him.

Thanks to his kindness and generosity Evie can now do more for herself and live like any other 11-year-old girl.

“We had an amazing time at the museum”, said Sally. “We wanted to thank Mr Nicholas and the museum for a very such a wonderful day.”

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