Preschool hit by paint-throwing vandals days before term starts

Manager Sarah Wilson stood by the damage at Pennington Village Preschool
Manager Sarah Wilson surveys the damage at  Pennington Village Preschool 

A CHARITY-RUN preschool has been targeted by paint-throwing vandals just before the start of its new term.


The Pennington Village Preschool on Priestlands Road, which is due to reopen next Wednesday, was found to have its recently refurbished outside space spattered with white paint, and a number of its toys broken.

It is thought that the culprits scaled a 6ft spiked fence to gain access to the site to cause the damage which is suspected to have been carried out over the bank holiday weekend.

Manager Sarah Wilson (pictured) said: “I have worked so hard over the summer to ensure the preschool is the best it can be for all our children.

“We had saved enough money to have the inside painted during the holidays. The painter put the last of the paint in our padlocked garden shed in case we needed it.

“They smeared paint on the floors, the building, toys and our lovely tree. They broke countless toys and just made a mess which we have spent a whole day clearing up so far.

“We are one of the few remaining charity-run preschools in our local community – it is such a huge shame for us.”

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: “Sometime between 24th August and 28th August a shed on the grounds of the preschool was broken into and paint was taken from within.

“The paint was thrown over the walls, floor and toys inside the preschool.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact police on 101, quoting reference number 44190305978.