Police hail papergirl’s quick thinking which saved life of ill resident

papergirl saved life
Sgt Nick Lee (left) and his team present Naomi Jupp with her certificate (photo: Dorset Police)

A 15-YEAR-OLD papergirl’s quick thinking helped save the life of an elderly resident, say police.


Highcliffe School pupil Naomi Jupp raised the alarm on Tuesday morning after becoming concerned the newspapers she was putting through the door of a home in Nelson Drive, Christchurch, were not being picked up.

Officers rushed to the scene along with paramedics, gained entry to the property and found an elderly male occupant lying on the floor. He was taken by ambulance to hospital.

That evening members of the town’s neighbourhood policing team visited Naomi’s family home to present her with an Inspector’s Special Recognition Award certificate.

The youngster, who has delivered newspapers in the area for more than two years, told the A&T she first noticed something was amiss on Saturday.

“I pushed the paper all the way through the letterbox, but it felt like there was already one in there,” she said.

“The next time I left it half in and half out so I could see whether he had taken it or not, and obviously he hadn’t.

“I called the police on 101 while walking to school around 8.20am and they arrived at the property around 9am.”

Naomi did not discover the outcome of her call until the surprise visit from the neighbourhood officers after she got home.

Proud of her achievement, she said it showed the importance of remaining vigilant for any potential emergencies.

Newspapers had built up the home (photo: Dorset Police)

“My teachers don’t know about it,” she continued. “But all my friends think it’s good. They saw it on social media.”

Naomi’s proud mother Katherine said her daughter had always been very observant
when carrying out her paper round.

She said: “That morning she felt sure something was not right and took immediate action and we’re very proud of her for all of that.

“She’s relieved the gentleman was found in time and taken to hospital to get the help he needed.”

She added: “Putting a newspaper through a door and it not being picked up may not seem like a major thing, but the message came through very clearly from the police that she did the right thing and they were very grateful for the action she took.”

The certificate presented to Naomi commended her “outstanding community contribution” and her “swift and decisive actions” in contacting police. It said: “We have no doubt this action saved his life.”

Neighbourhood policing team Sgt Nick Lee tweeted: “Brilliant to meet such a quick-thinking young lady.”

“Her parents are rightly very proud – she saved a life. Well done.”