Packham awaiting decision on Court of Appeal in HS2 rail fight

packham hs2
An artist’s impression of HS2 at Birmingham Curzon Street station (picture: Grimshaw Architects)

NEW Forest TV presenter Chris Packham is awaiting the latest result in his “David versus Goliath” battle to halt the HS2 rail project.


The environmental campaigner, who has a house near Marchwood, and his lawyers went back before the High Court last week to argue he should be allowed to appeal against a decision in April which allowed work to clear ancient woodlands to continue.

Mr Packham is now seeking to take his case to the Court of Appeal, adding: “This might be David against Goliath but I am not giving up after just one slingshot.”

Chris Packham

HS2 is a controversial rail project to provide high-speed train routes linking London to cities including Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

It has been hailed as a way of boosting jobs and UK infrastructure and has been given the go-ahead by the government.

Mr Packham, supported by the RSPB and the Woodlands Trust, claimed the clearance work will destroy ancient woodlands which are irreplaceable habitats for many species.

He also argues the decision to allow HS2 to proceed was unlawful because it was made on the basis of incorrect findings and recommendations of the Oakervee Review.

Leigh Day, the law firm spearheading his bid, said a decision on their latest challenge was due in the “next few weeks”.



  1. The lies connected to the reasons this disaster is taking place is clearly an act of deceptive fraud. This train will not create any employment, it will not reduce the journey from home to work, it will produce about 300,000 tons of CO2 per year and will never pay for itself. Plus the cost is very likely to double again before it is completed. The true reason this is going ahead is because the corrupt contractors are likely to make several billion in profit before the faults in the project are identified. Its the biggest act of fraud this century and they are getting away with it.

  2. HS2 is unnecessary and would be the final nail in the coffin for our natural environment. Saving a few minutes will cost us the earth. Thank god for Chris Packham. If Covid has taught us one thing, it’s that we need nature for our mental wellbeing as well as the obvious biological reasons. The greed of the few is destroying our green and pleasant land.

  3. Matthew Fisher you offer no information on why you disagree with comments here. Can you explain fully why HS2 is worth the expense, what knowledge you possess regarding the destruction of ancient woodland or the effect of carbon emissions will have on air quality? You just moan without anything constructive to say!

  4. Nothing is worth as much as protection of our natural environment. What is the use of a booming economy if carbon emissions cause climate change and rising sea levels wipe out huge ateas of land? Detroying ancient woodlands , devastation of habitats and cutting a huge concrete swathe up the middle of up to now unspoilt countryside helps no-one and just decreases the quality of our lives. Not to mention the obscene cost in our Codlvid hit UK which should be spent on boosting our own farming and agriculture, coupled with manufacture and engineering. Let’s stop buying cheap products from abroad and buy British, including new trains for use on improved existing track.

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