SIR – We often hear of or read about complaints and shortcomings regarding the NHS but very little praise of it these days. I would now like to add my praise.


On Monday morning, 30th December, my husband suddenly suffered extreme dizziness and an inability to move.

I rang 999 for an ambulance and within three minutes two paramedics called Ben and Zoe respectively were at my front door.

They quickly assessed the situation, performed a whole series of tests to confirm their assessment and proceeded to make my husband comfortable and bring him back virtually to normal.

In my opinion they were superbly calm and competent in doing their job and also very friendly and communicative in keeping us informed of what they were doing and why.

Both Ben and Zoe were a credit to the ambulance service and I wish to express my sincere gratitude to them and also to the female call operator for the excellent service and attention we promptly received.

Marlene Hill, Barton