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Glade school in Totton praised by an Ofsted inspector for being a “safe, caring and happy” one.

AN independent Totton school for youngsters with autism has been praised by an Ofsted inspector for being “safe, caring and happy”.

Glade School on Junction Joad, was rated ‘good’ for all aspects except one, including the quality of education and leadership.

A school for youngsters between 11 and 19, it caters for pupils with autism and costs between £73,000 to £95,000 a year to attend.

The inspector found pupils received high quality therapeutic and pastoral care (Stock picture)
The inspector found pupils received high quality therapeutic and pastoral care (Stock picture)

The inspector found that: “From the moment pupils join the school, they receive high quality therapeutic and pastoral care.

“When pupils’ lack of confidence and self-belief hinders learning, adults provide skilful support.

“Consequently, pupils learn to take risks, work independently and experience success in this safe, caring and happy school”

One Year 8 pupil said “We like our school because we know that everyone cares for us, and no one will exclude us for being who we are.’

Staff’s relationships with pupils was also praised with them said to have “high expectations” for what pupils can achieve.”

Students were also encouraged to take part in “enrichment activities” such as sewing, canoeing, gardening, and crabbing.

They experienced, said the inspector, “tremendous success with learning to read” with staff providing expert support and making sure no pupil falls behind in their knowledge of letters and sounds they make.”

The “broad and ambitious curriculum is meticulously sequenced” which helped staff to “know exactly what to teach and when to teach it”.

One area where the school did not score so well was staff not consistently helping pupils to “make links with what they have learned previously”.

Where this happens the inspector said, “pupils do not always learn as well as they could”.

The inspector found the school had a “pleasant and peaceful atmosphere in classrooms” and pupils were taught how to express their feeling and complex emotions.

If they become anxious there is a range of strategies to help them cope such as yoga and mindfulness.

As well as pupils being positive about the school, parents said they would recommend it to other parents.

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