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Owner's disgust after cat loses an eye, shot by 'coward' with BB gun

10-year-old Beans is recovering after having his eye removed
10-year-old Beans is recovering after having his eye removed

A CAT owner from Bartley has spoken of his “utter shock” after his beloved pet lost an eye when it shot by a BB gun.

Peter Nicholson initially thought 10-year-old Beans had been hit by a car as his eye was protruding and he was barely conscious when he returned home last Friday evening.

Beans was rushed to the vet but sadly his eye could not be saved as the damage from the 15mm steel ball was too great.

The steel ball which hit Beans
The steel ball which hit Beans

Peter told the A&T: “The pain must have been excruciating. He is clearly jumpy and traumatised by the incident. We can only hope he’ll make a good recovery.

“He was a rescue kitten and is gentle, sociable and very loving, so he wouldn’t have been scared of walking towards the cowardly perpetrator.”

He added: “I am disgusted that someone can have such a disregard for others. To wantonly try to kill a family pet is abhorrent to me. Any decent human would feel the same.

“I am hopeful that they will be brought to justice and that the justice system issues a punitive and appropriate punishment.”

An appeal following the attack was posted on Facebook by New Forest police, which was met with shock from the community. Peter also shared details of the incident to his social media page.

Peter added: “Since then, I have had lots of information about similar incidents. I have passed all the information on to the police and the RSPCA. Both are very keen to find the perpetrator.”

Those with information should call Hampshire police on 101 and quote crime number 44200461683.

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