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Max Maguire murder trial: brothers Draven Jewell and Garon Jewell launched attack in alleyway outside Lymington Royal British Legion, court hears

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A LYMINGTON man was fatally stabbed in an alleyway by two brothers he had met 20 minutes earlier, with one wielding a knife "like a wild animal", a jury heard.

Draven Jewell (21) is said to have plunged a 13cm curved blade into 23-year-old Max Maguire shortly after midnight on 22nd October last year in the alleyway linking the town's Royal British Legion bar to the High Street, Winchester Crown Court was told.

The blade caused Max "catastrophic" blood loss, prosecutor Adam Feest QC said as he opened the case this morning (Thursday).

Max Maguire was a keen fisherman
Max Maguire was a keen fisherman

Max ran back into the RBL where he collapsed and died near the bar.

Meanwhile, Draven also attacked and stabbed two of Max's friends, Luke Gray and Georgia Hole, before he and his brother, Garon Jewell (19), fled the scene, Mr Feest said.

He went on: "Her [Georgia's] recollection is that he [one of the brother's] was swinging the knife around like a wild animal."

Mr Feest explained the defendants had met Max, Luke and Georgia only 20 minutes earlier in the RBL garden.

A dispute erupted, he said, and Max stormed out into the street. Luke followed and CCTV caught them having a conversation in which Luke calmed him down.

Max could be heard on CCTV stressing: "I don't want any trouble", before the pair decided to go back into the bar to get Georgia.

In the meantime, the Jewells had insulted Georgia's mother, and bar staff were ejecting them.

As they left, Luke and Max passed in the opposite direction – which was when the brothers struck, said Mr Feest.

It is thought Garon punched Luke, and Draven wielded the blade, although it is not known which of the alleged victims was stabbed first.

It must have been a "surprise" since a pathologist examined Max's body and found no evidence of him trying to defend himself, Mr Feest said.

He went on: "Max Maguire died within moments from a wound he received to the left side of his chest; a knife wound.

The trial is happening at Winchester Crown Court
The trial is happening at Winchester Crown Court

"This had penetrated his lung and damaged a major artery internally and caused catastrophic and non-survivable injuries.

"Another male, Luke Gray, sustained two serious and deep wounds to his lower back, one more centrally, the second on the right, and he needed emergency treatment because of those wounds, both at the scene, at hospital and ongoing.

"A third person, Georgia Hole, received a stabbing injury to her upper chest which, although less serious to those which her friends sustained, was nevertheless significant.

"It's the prosecution's case these two defendants, brothers Draven and Garon Jewell, are jointly and criminally responsible for the murder of Max Maguire, and the serious injuries sustained by the other two people."

He explained it was anticipated Draven's defence would be that he acted in "reasonable and lawful" self-defence, while Garon is expected to say he was a victim of violence and was not aware that his brother had a knife.

Mr Feest went on to explain that Garon and a friend went to the RBL at around 10.40pm that night; Draven was to join them but could not find the venue.

CCTV showed Garon going out to show him how to get into the RBL about 15 minutes before midnight.

When the pair entered, CCTV showed Draven dropping the 13-14cm curved knife.

It was seen by Garon, he added, and Draven went outside and concealed it on his person before re-entering the RBL.

The blade was recovered later from the Jewell family home on the town's Flushards estate.

Mr Feest added that the brothers had said that Luke or Max was wielding a knife, but no other weapon was recovered from the scene or seen on CCTV.

Another claim, by Garon, was that he was hit on the head with a glass but examination of a cut to Garon's hairline did not show any fragments of glass, Mr Feest said.

Noting the defendants' claims of self defence, Mr Feest outlined to the jury the matters they will likely have to consider when determining their guilt.

He said: "Firstly, what happened leading up to and during the violence, and in particular what did each defendant do in that time?

"And secondly, what was the state of mind of the defendants' individually and jointly as they did what they did?

"In other words, during that whole episode, what was their intention?"

The defendants deny murder and inflicting grievous bodily harm. Draven also denies attempted murder and Garon denies a charge of an intention to cause a person serious harm.

Draven meanwhile has admitted a charge of possessing a knife on the night in question.

The trial, expected to last up to a month, continues.

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