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Letters: Why I'm backing the Slap Bottom tree protesters

SIR - I would like to add to John Carter’s comments in your story of 13th December (Minister halts tree felling after protest).

In addition to the 300 plus trees in Slap Wood, in 2018 a number of trees were felled close by at Burbush car park, Whitten Bottom, also before that at Long Pond (where no curlews, egrets, or grebe have been observed since) and if you include the harvesting of Dur Hill inclosure.

This represents a huge loss of habitat for all wildlife in the area, before even thinking of the well-documented carbon stores.

It is not acceptable to simply say wildlife can go somewhere else when Forestry England is rolling out similar projects all over the Forest.

Slap Wood is a tranquil dense part of a wildlife corridor which encircles the village gives refuge to many creatures and Forest stock from the elements and pressures the Forest now faces.

Please let it be kept as such.

Jill Landon, Burley

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