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Letters: Readers react to New Forest wheelie bin plans

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SIR – Some things happily never change with local matters: refuse collection is back on the front page.

However, this year has radically changed the public’s perception and analysis of government authority numbers. New Forest District Council needs to catch up.

Of course, we want to increase the rate of recycling. But every six months a documentary pops up on TV showing the UK recycling on a waste tip in Asia with the locals suffering pollution and toxic waste.

Currently in NFDC 34% is recycled, you say. What units? By weight or volume? What are the numbers? What exactly is recycled and to where and by who? Are you asking us to pay more, to send more of our plastic to Thailand via a private company with no end-point guarantees?

Look, waste is a technical, logistical and environmental problem, not political. And I bet the community has got the skills and knowledge to help. I worked overseas for 25 years and have seen outstanding composting and waste management systems.

Before you impose bins or any other new system, write a four-page white paper with all the current data, costs and practices, plus your limitations and obligations. Invite us to help (we are pretty smart in the New Forest) and you will have community buy-in.

And for goodness sake, put in the waste bin forever muddy and meaningless numbers

Peter Padfield,



SIR – I read the article concerning the introduction of wheelie bins (A&T, 16th October) with dismay and disbelief, particularly as it seems that it could be a fait accompli.

I hope that I am wrong and that the supposed public consultation will once again put a stop to this bad idea.

I look forward to hearing how wheelie bins will increase the amount of recycling from the councillors who are behind the proposal. Did any of them have this in their election manifestos?

We are very satisfied with the current system of black and clear bags which are collected weekly along with the fortnightly garden waste and monthly bottle collections.

Now we are going to be blessed with fortnightly collections and have to cope with three large bins plus a food caddy.

Not everyone will be fit enough to manage these bins or have adequate storage space.

Finally, who will pay for the bins and the modification of the vehicles? No prizes for answering that.

Let’s hope that the proposal is binned once and for all.

Ian Bowman,



SIR – The news that we are to suffer the blight of the green refuse bins is frightening.

Has nobody noticed the tragic result in areas where this has been implemented? Quite simply they have turned those areas into slums.

Many homes in the town and terraced areas are unable to accommodate them, so they stay in the street on narrow pavements.

The news that the potential Liberal Democrat candidate for office is against forcing

this policy persuades me for the first time in my life to desert the Conservative party when candidates seek my support.

Jennifer Cutmore,


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