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Letters: He blocked the 'upskirting' law - why not the Brexit bill?

SIR - Like many people, I followed the recent furore over the timetable of the government’s new Brexit bill closely.

Having approved the bill at second reading, and so paved the way for a Brexit deal to be passed, Parliament was, understandably, not then willing to just rubber-stamp it through in only 2.5 days.

Many MPs wanted sufficient time to scrutinise the bill – which seems entirely reasonable. What is another few weeks after three-and-a-half years, after all?

Of course, I expected to see my local MP Sir Chris Chope, who is on record as blocking many bills that he thinks haven’t had sufficient scrutiny, vote strongly against fast-tracking the bill.

Imagine my surprise when I saw he was very content to let a bill that would usually require several weeks’ scrutiny, pass in just two-and-half days.

I hope his constituents note, for the forthcoming election, that Sir Chris's infamous penchant for scrutiny is only for bills he doesn’t like. Such as when he blocked bills intended to prevent ‘upskirting’, female genital mutilation and the cruel practice of wild animals performing in circuses.

Andrew Johnson, Highcliffe

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