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Letters: Dog-bashers forget the damage done by killer cats

SIR - Once again I see you have given column space to the latest whinging dog basher (Loose-running dogs a danger, A&T 22nd November).

They seem to take it in turns: bike riders, horse riders, commoners, walkers, runners, car drivers and now householders.

The latest one whines on about how hard done by they and their poor cat are by dogs trespassing on their property.

Most of us have to put up with their cats coming into our gardens on a daily basis, killing all the wildlife and crapping everywhere.

And to make matters worse you then have to listen to them boasting about "how good a hunter little Fluffy is", and how they "leave them a present” of some poor headless piece of endangered British wildlife on the kitchen floor every night.

Latest statistics from the Mammal Society estimates that cats in the UK kill up to 275 million pray items a year, of which 27 million are birds, so out of the two I know which one I would rather have running around my garden.

It never fails to amaze me how intolerant people are getting these days.

Do dogs get out of hand now and then? Yes, but so do some people’s kids, and I don't hear calls for them to be kept on a lead and muzzled!

D. Munday, Hythe

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