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Letters: Christchurch council wasting public money in its dying days

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SIR – When we hear every day of the severe constraints on public sector spending it is amazing that one rotten little authority in its dying days can even consider wasting public funds on legacy projects.

The proposed Christchurch country park is in addition to funds set aside, or spent, for children’s play areas, Avon Beach resurfacing, the zig-zag steps, collectively costing millions of pounds from an authority which has always claimed not to be able to afford to challenge planning applications, or review legitimate complaints for lack of funds, despite charging more council tax, for the last 44 years, than the authorities it is to merge with, whilst providing significantly less services.

I think we have all the legacy we need from Christchurch: a beautiful area concreted over to save a third rate council, gridlocked roads and a vibrant town centre – if you want a cup of coffee.

Surely decisions which affect our future should, three months before the demise of Christchurch, be made by the new authority after considering the whole area. Or are these schemes conjured up and railroaded through, to provide some workload to justify an unnecessary town council?

John Baker,

Friars Road,

Friars Cliff

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