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Letters: Can't control your dog? Then keep it on the lead

SIR - Last Thursday afternoon I was returning home and had the unpleasant experience of witnessing my cattle being attacked by an out of control dog.

The cattle were laid down chewing the cud and minding their own business. The collie dog was off the lead with the owner a good hundred yards behind. The dog commenced to attack the cows biting their faces and dewlaps.

The owner was too far away to see what was happening and had no control over the dog. As I drove past I shouted at him to get his dog under control, but it was too far away to obey any instructions.

I drove up to the cattle and the dog came away after I shouted at it. The owner appeared and offered a muttered apology.

My cattle are English long horns, but one of the gentlest breeds. It is fortunate that they are used to dogs. I dread to think what may have happened had I not appeared when I did.

It is no wonder we are seeing conflicts between stock and dog walkers with behaviour like this.

Dog owners should only walk their dogs off the lead if they have complete control and keep the dog in sight.

Reginald Chester-Sterne, Blackfield

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