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Letter: Why I'm looking forward to a second lockdown

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SIR – I am beginning to think that a second lockdown would be an extremely good thing as far as our environment is concerned. Last time the difference in our air quality and the peace and quiet was unbelievable.

I really hoped then that people would learn something from the experience – but instead of that there are now more cars on the road than ever.

I find it very puzzling that people are terrified of catching coronavirus and having difficulty breathing, and yet they aren’t the least bit concerned about continually inhaling poisonous traffic fumes and incessant bonfire smoke.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the person who has had a bonfire burning off and on – often for three or four days at a time for several weeks running – enveloping our little New Forest village in swirling, choking smoke.

This event occurs regularly throughout the year – always either when it is extremely windy or, like recently, on beautiful warm sunny days when people want to have their windows open, hang their washing out, or either sit or work out in their gardens and enjoy the lovely weather.

The last few weeks have been completely ruined for us. Our hair and clothes reek of smoke and the inside of the house smells like a crematorium. We are normally a fit and healthy family but we have been coughing and spluttering for weeks on end now, with aching eyes and constant sore throats.

Every time the fire dies down, then it is immediately stoked up again. You can’t escape the smell of the smoke wherever you go. I wonder if anyone else suffers from a similar problem?

I just can’t believe that people can be so selfish and thoughtless, particularly when we have been asked to try and protect our threatened environment and also when so many people are suffering from breathing problems anyway.

Name and address supplied.

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