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Letter: We’re no kinder and just as selfish

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SIR – There has been so much talk in the media about how we will come out of the pandemic as a kinder, more caring, sensitive, considerate and cooperative society that I found myself beginning to believe it – the anticipation that we would all look out for each other and appreciate what we have and our surroundings.

And then what happens? A section of the whole country’s citizens turn out to be just as selfish as they ever were. Swarms of people descending on our beaches as if their life depended on getting their two-pennyworth of sun, sea and sand, leaving behind them tons of rubbish, devastating plastic, and human excrement!

How much more disgusting can our people be?

And then, of course, we have the street parties, football team celebrations, meetings, rallies and protests – all with absolutely no thought of what such crowding might

do to others, not to mention the risk of their actions resulting in a return to full lockdown.

Included in all of this have been children whose parents now won’t send them back to school because the environment might not be safe for their little darlings. Where is the logic in that?

Will all those moronic individuals expect our doctors and nurses to tire themselves out helping them if they contract the virus? Well, of course they will!

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