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Letter: The New Forest's waste sack problems are very real

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SIR – Noel Baptiste (Letters, 25th December) mentions “the alleged problem of plastic sacks being torn open during the night by birds”. Let him visit a quiet road in Barton when black sacks are collected.

My sack goes out at about 9am on Tuesday, as most folks do. At unpredictable times, the sacks are grouped and later collected.

On Tuesday mornings, and only then, clever birds gather on the roofs.

Unfortunately, the black-sack group is sometimes outside my property. When it is quiet, the birds tear such sacks and, in searching for food, strew rubbish over the pavement and road. If a wind blows into my garden, I retrieve unpleasant items that are impaled in bushes, hedges and trees.

If the sack group is outside a property where the resident is away, the rubbish makes the property look unoccupied. This is a give-away for burglars.

After the feast, the liberated rubbish decorates Barton. Few residents and bin operators are ready, willing and able to clear the mess, which looks more unsightly than a wheelie bin.

Such loose rubbish could include Covid-contaminated paper hankies.

Having removed bones from a blocked gutter on my roof, I allege (but without providing any evidence) that a bird ripped a sack, grabbed chicken remains and flew onto the


After consuming what it wanted, the bird dropped the bones, which slid into the gutter.

However, there may be another explanation.

Name and address supplied

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