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Letter: Only a small minority in favour of wheelie bins

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SIR – Mr Trevor Milchard says he is delighted with the New Forest District Council’s plan to introduce wheelie bins (Letters, 4th December).

But he is in a small minority, according to a previous correspondent who claimed that 90% of online comments to the A&T were against the proposal. He also claimed that wheelie bins have worked well elsewhere but this is not the experience of others who have lived in towns with wheelie bins.

A recent opinion survey carried out in our group of 30 houses and bungalows showed that only four householders were in favour of the NFDC’s planned change.

Those against pointed out that they did not have the storage space for two wheelie bins and a food caddy, that it would be too difficult for elderly residents, particularly those living alone, to move the bins around, and that when the bins were wheeled to our relatively small central car park to be emptied into the collection vehicle they would obstruct residents’ cars.

Four of our residents who had previously lived in towns with a wheelie bin system were strongly against its introduction here owing to their practical experience of it, with one, who previously lived in Southampton, describing it as “a nightmare”

They said the bins were hardly ever returned to the right house but just left around anywhere getting in everyone’s way. If the lid of a bin was even fractionally open, owing to the pressure of the rubbish inside or the wind blowing it open it was not emptied, the lids were often left open after emptying, so if it rained the bin filled with water, and if the wind strengthened the bins would often be blown over obstructing residents and their cars.

A simple compromise solution would surely be to retain the black plastic sack system which has worked very well but add to it a waste food caddy which could be put out and emptied on the same day.

As for the alleged problem of plastic sacks being torn open during the night by birds or animals, the simple answer, as most residents have found, is to put out the sacks in the morning before collection time.

Noel Baptiste,


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