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Letter – Lockdown a breeding ground for potential dictators

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SIR – Whatever the pluses and minuses of lockdowns, it has certainly been good for breeding new potential dictators.

Two incidents illustrate this during the week. First, while sitting on a display bench in a very large covered atrium at a local garden centre, at least 20ft from any other person except my wife, 10ft away on another bench, I adjusted my mask to expose my nose so as to breathe more easily for a few minutes.

Two other people walked through the area, again at least 12ft away from us and as they turned a corner the man (in dark glasses) looked back at me and told me, quite rudely, that I was not wearing my mask properly. There was no one else there at all.

Yesterday, my wife walked into Milford village and had just put on her mask so as to visit a local shop and a woman (without a mask) told her very sharply that she should not be wearing a mask outdoors.

Both times, my wife and I did not reply. But such rudeness is inexcusable and could lead to trouble if they had chosen the wrong victims.

As it happens I am not a lockdown supporter on scientific grounds, but because of the concerns of others I always obey the regulations to the letter as does my wife. What is the country coming to?

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