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Letter: Lest we forget our NHS heroes

SIR – It was a good year, the year that Norma Helen Sinclair was born. Her friends (of which there were many) always called her by her abbreviated name, NHS.

The year was 1948 and the first Olympic Games since the outbreak of World War 2 was held in London, opening on July 29th. Norma, or should I say NHS, was employed by the government to fill a newly created role, an important role, looking after the health of the nation.

Year after year Norma worked tirelessly and without complaint. She often went unnoticed by her friends, but she was always there for them when they needed her most. There were times when the years were not always kind to Norma, years when she struggled to survive, but survive she did.

The year is now 2020. And the world is under attack once more, a life and death struggle with an invisible foe.

There are many parallels with 1948, the year that Norma was born: unemployment, businesses under pressure, the sick and the dying.

From out of the shadows an angel steps up, Norma in all her glory comes forward once again to protect us all.

This foe will be defeated, and when it is I hope that this government will say: “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! NHS, our good and faithful servant. Never again will you be forgotten.”

The moral of this story is: protect what you treasure, or one day you may lose it.

Bob Salter,


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