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Letter: Going to Lymington market is like being in a football crowd

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SIR – I had the misfortune to visit Lymington market on Saturday 5th September, and was appalled at the crazy situation.

For some strange reason the council have decided to have the market on only one side of the main street (no doubt to help traffic flow). This has resulted in all the stalls being positioned down only one side of the street, and so covering a much longer area from the bottom of the street right up to the church at the top.

It has also thrown all the visitors onto one pavement only. It was like being in a football crowd – no social distancing, indeed it was shoulder to shoulder, and very, very few with face masks. I counted 15 pedestrians round me in a space of three metres squared.

What idiot came up with this idea? It was chaos, with people standing at the stalls, causing build-up of pedestrians struggling to pass by, others going in and out of the shops, and many, many hundreds walking up and down the street bumping into each other and ignoring social distancing.

And, of course, the idiots who decided to bring their dogs – at one point one lady pedestrian fell over a dog’s lead, as impossible to see the dog in such a huge crowd.

So which idiot came up with this idea, and are they going to stop it immediately for the benefit of the community?

I bet none of the council attended the high street on Saturday – probably frightened they would be lynched by the mob fighting their way up and down the pavement.

I won’t be going back there again, and the cobbled area to the harbour was just as bad.

Immediate action is called for.

Kevin Holland,

New Milton

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