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Letter: Give us one council tax for whole New Forest

SIR – This will most likely hit a nerve with most of us and it is about the council tax we pay.

To keep this brief as possible, we have a system that definitely does not suit everyone and the valuation of a property to ascertain the band to which we are in is a joke.

I know this will never be updated as it would cost millions and would provoke many quarrels as to what you think your property is worth and the valuation quoted. We have even been down the road of “Poll Tax” where an individual is taxed and that didn’t work.

We have just received our New Forest council tax bill and are not surprised that it has increased more than the cost of living and also the rate of our wages or pensions.

It is very frustrating to see that the New Forest has 37 local council areas and each has a different amount to pay depending where you live. Take band D, for instance: the most expensive place to live in is Totton (£1,965) and the cheapest is Exbury (£1,830), which is £135 cheaper.

Having looked at other council areas where they are cheaper, you have got Burley, Boldre, Beaulieu, Brockenhurst and others which are notably more idyllic/affluent places to live (not to be rude to Totton residents) and the average cost of homes in these places is much higher than everywhere else in the Forest.

Surely this is a logistical nightmare for costing. I know each council has different needs and costs, but surely if we all live in the New Forest wouldn’t one tax for all districts be much fairer?

Average the 37 councils and each would pay £1,885 in band D which would not be much of a burden to the ones paying less and would be fairer to all.

P. Forbes,

New Milton

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