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Letter: Flytippers have had bad parenting

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SIR – There have been a number of readers’ letters in the A&T on the subject of fly-tipping and litter-dropping over recent weeks.

I am sure that all your correspondents, including myself, would not suddenly start fly-tipping or dropping litter solely because tipping charges have been introduced by councils around the country! In fact, we all respect the area in which we live and probably have been taught by our parents to either bin it or take it home.

And that is the crux of the issue. People who do litter and fly-tip have not had good parenting in this issue or have pride in their community.

And what is the answer? Good education from parents or, if this is lacking, at school by visiting speakers supported by teachers and enforcement by the police and local authority.

This will take generations to achieve and, yes, some investment.

If a child, for example, happens to notice dad throw a beer can or cigarette butt out of a car, the child might tell his dad that this is not right and shame him for his actions because he learned about it at school.

In Japan and other countries the children are taught from an early age. In fact, I remember seeing a ‘gentleman of the road’ who had been sleeping in a subway cleaning up his rubbish before leaving, and there are police regularly enforcing and fining people who drop litter. The people of Japan and tourists know it and desist.

Yes, we all hate paying charges at the council tips, and by all means campaign to stop them, but the real answer is ‘education and enforcement’.

So to all those idiots that are spoiling our beautiful New Forest and beaches (and are probably not reading this), please stop it and take litter home and recycle it. That is not difficult!

Trevor Emans,


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