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Letter: Fight Covid with open windows

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SIR – Once again we have a certain section of our society who are either just too stupid or just don’t care as to the damage they are doing not only to our economy, but to their families and others as well, all just by flouting the Covid-19 regulations.

We are now told that a large portion of the infections are passed on within an enclosed environment, so transmission is rife. This is nothing new, we just chose to ignore it.

It may come as a surprise to many that the pollution level indoors of the average dwelling is between two and five times greater than that of the great outdoors. This is because we are obsessed with sealing our dwellings up as tightly as possible, allowing any pollutant, including viruses etc to just fly around until they find somewhere to land.

Believe it or not we actually spend up to 90% of our lives indoors so one can see where the problem lies.

Ventilation is not the magic muffin, but it can go a long way to easing the situation in the home. Having spent almost 25 years in the world of ventilation, this is my simple advice:

1) Open your windows as often as you can to air the house.

2) Too drastic? Use the night-vent position on the handles of your windows. This allows air to pass at a lower volume between the window sash and the frame.

3) Use the trickle vents on your windows if you have them. It has been a requirement in the new-build regulations for some two decades now, but too few people use them. Leave them open permanently if you can. This will allow very low volumes of air to pass through the house and reduce pollution. In a lot of cases they can be retro-fitted, even by a half-competent DIYer.

4) Last but not least there are air purifiers on the market that claim to have filters capable of destroying bacteria and viruses. These can be researched on line if they are of interest.

Everything I have said can be confirmed on the internet should you wish to investigate further.

John Walsh,

Address supplied

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