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Letter: Decisions on Hampshire tips a nonsense

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SIR – Do any of our councillors actually have a modicum of common sense between them?

First of all, our recycling centres should never have been closed in the first place. It’s a bit like gluing the seat down on the toilet in your home – waste products have to go somewhere... I will leave the rest to your imagination.

The sites employing social distancing have now opened and all that pent-up waste is being deposited. Was there any reason why these measures could not have been employed from day one?

Now here is the rub, as they say. The opening hours were limited from 10am-4pm only. The result: mayhem, foreseeable to all but the council. We now have opening times extended from 10am-6pm. The result? Not quite mayhem but pretty close.

Waiting times every day of up to three hours (I ring my Efford centre to get updates). Why on earth don’t these councillors get off their backsides and authorise an 8am-8pm opening time as a temporary measure and for as long as social distancing is in force in order to reduce the problem of flytipping? But this would appear too much of an ask.

I have dealt with councils for over 45 years in my working life and the mindset is the same now as it was all those years ago. A lot of talk and virtually no walk.

Scared of going over departmental budget, they will act to hive off what they perceive they cannot do, to another department regardless of consequences.

In this case I am assuming that waste management is a different department to the one that deals with flytipping involving different budgets. (Apologies if I am wrong in this case. Either way they are still wasting money.)

Let us not lose sight of the fact that flytipping is not only antisocial, it is illegal, unsightly and can do a huge amount of damage to the Forest’s ecology and wildlife, something that we claim is close to our hearts.

Opening the recycling centres for longer hours will release that pent-up problem and help reduce flytipping.

It is not rocket science and the situation is understood by all… except our councillors, that is.

John Walsh,

Address supplied

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