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Letter: Covid rules are simple enough for a five-year-old to understand, so what's the problem?

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SIR – When I first went to primary school in the 1950s we were given some basic rules to follow.

Some things stay with you forever and I well remember Mr Petch, our portly headmaster, telling us on our first day:

No running in corridors,

Put your hands up in class if you want to go to the toilet,

Don’t eat sweets in the toilets,

Wash your hands after using the toilet.

They were quite simple, a bit like the Covid guidance of safe distancing, wash your hands, only meet in small groups, and wear a mask in shops.

To my mind, and despite the protestations of some politicians and the public that the Covid rules are difficult to understand, I find them no more difficult than those us five-year-olds were given when we first went to school.

Most of us have (un)happily abided by the guidance for the past seven/eight months but because of a minority of Covidiots we are all now in lockdown and paying a price for their selfishness.

Terry Simpson,


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