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Letter: Cost of asbestos disposal is encouraging flytipping

SIR – Today I had a timed slot at the Efford recycling (tip) centre. One of the items we were getting rid of was an old ironing board.

When the guy from the tip noticed it, he told me that because the part where the iron would have sat was made of asbestos, about 26.5cm x 18cm (10in x 7in). I would be charged £12 to tip it, so I said I would take it home.

When I looked a bit closer at the board, I could see a couple of wing nuts that were holding a piece of metal, which in turn held the asbestos. So I undid said nuts and released the offending piece. With the asbestos gone, I could then tip the ironing board.

As I have a friend who is wheelchair-bound, who has a few sheets of asbestos that he wants to get rid of properly, I asked about taking them to the tip.

That was when I got the biggest shock. I was told by the guy with the clipboard that it all depended on the size of the sheets. If the sheets are 600 x 1,200 then the cost is £12 per sheet. If they are bigger than that, the cost is doubled (i.e. £24 per sheet).

All the sheets must be individually wrapped in strong polythene and sealed.

I know the very word asbestos is like swearing, but as my friend is trying to dispose of these sheets responsibly, I think the cost is prohibitive.

I found the pricing very high, and will only encourage flytipping.

Rick Cotee,


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