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Letter: Claws out for the non-native cat

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SIR – Reading Peter Whitfield’s letter about goshawks and other predators (Letters 27th November), the one thing that I noticed from his story is that all the animals he named as being killers of small birds are our wildlife, apart from one.

The sparrow hawk used to be top of the food chain (not sure if it still is), and if there were plenty of them about it meant there was an abundance of their prey around, including other birds. Magpies are no different to those such as crows; they, again, kill to feed themselves, as will Mr Brock the badger.

Then we come to the animal that is not native to this country and has been allowed to kill or petrify all wildlife it encounters, not for food but for fun – and that is the cat.

There should be a law that stops owners having cat flaps, as in parts of Australia. Maybe a licence for each cat in this country. If a person is caught killing a bat they would be fined but these animals get away with it.

This, like other non-native plants and animals, should have been kept out of our country before they became a pest.

Glad Brown,

Ashley Heath

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