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Determined tree hugger saves large oak from being felled in Burley

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A DETERMINED tree hugger says she has saved a large oak from being felled in Burley after her and a group of neighbours formed a human chain around it while it was being cut down.

Sue Crooks organised a get-together of like-minded people to foil tree surgeons who turned up to Pound Lane this morning (Monday).

She said: “It seems like a perfectly good tree to me; it doesn’t seem diseased at all. We’ve had no notification from anyone that this was going to happen.

Sue says her and fellow residents have saved the tree from being felled
Sue says her and fellow residents have saved the tree from being felled

“It was a shock when we heard the saws going, so we went down there and protested around the tree.

“The workers said, ‘What are you doing?’ and I told them ‘Protecting my tree!’.”

Sue said she and her neighbours protested for about 90 minutes, during which she spoke to a representative from Forestry England who was at the scene.

She said the FE representative told her he was authorising for around a third of the tree to be left instead of the oak being completely felled.

She said: “I asked him why it could not be just topped out, but he said he had a report which said it was diseased and was dangerous.

“But when the branches came off from, I could see none of them were dead or diseased.

Tree surgeons working on the oak
Tree surgeons working on the oak

“It’s a small victory but at least we have saved it for now. I think there is too much of this chopping down trees going on in the area.

“My husband and I moved here because we loved the woods. It's so sad to see what seems perfectly fine trees being cut down.

“The amount of CO2 released when you fell a tree is huge, it is not something we should be doing while we are trying to protect the environment."

Sue added: “Trees are vitally important for the eco system and I appreciate diseased trees do have to be felled.

“But it seems to be done too easily. When I wanted to have a tree topped in my garden, I had to apply for planning approval.”

The A&T has approached Forestry England for comment.

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