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Angry mum posts shock photo of sons and dead foal near Hatchet Pond to shame hit-and-run driver

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AN angry mum posted a shock photo on social media showing her two young sons next to their dead baby donkey in an effort to track down the hit-and-run driver who killed it.

Commoner Rachael Russell told how sons Matthew (9) and William (3) were out with their father, agister Andrew Napthine, when he was called to a report of a dead animal.

She said: “When they got there, my sons realised it was actually their foal which had been killed.

Rachael's picture of William and Matthew with the dead donkey foal
Rachael's picture of William and Matthew with the dead donkey foal

“Of course, they were upset. It was only a few weeks old. But sadly, they know this kind of thing happens.

“They have seen it before when they have been out with their dad while he is working – animals killed by drivers."

She added: “What is wrong is that the person who hit the foal did not report it, so we have no idea if the foal suffered for a long time or was killed outright.

"I hope they look at this photo of my sons with the dead foal and feel ashamed enough to come forward."

The foal was believed to have been hit at around 8am on Sunday on the B3054 near Hatchet Pond, Beaulieu.

Wreckage found near the animal's body suggested that the vehicle involved in the incident was a Volvo car.

Rachael Russell
Rachael Russell

Ms Russell, from Bartley, said: “It hit the foal so hard that part of one of the car’s headlights was torn off. I can’t believe the person did not realise what they had done.

“They should have stopped and reported it, then if the animal was suffering it could have been put out of its misery.”

Her decision to post the photo attracted the criticism of some people online but Ms Russell said: “We are a commoning family. I am not going to sugar-coat something like this for my sons.

“They have to get used to animals being killed in this way as, sadly, it is a fact of life as drivers do not take the care and attention they should.

“William has already lost one baby foal like this.”

The verderers confirmed the hit-and-run incident and said there was a reward of up to £5,000 for information leading to the conviction of the driver.

Anyone with information should contact the verderers on 023 8028 2052

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