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From Our Files: a soldier writes, a model sleeper, and too few police in Brockenhurst...

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SIR – I am writing these few lines to tell you how much I appreciate the old New Milton Advertiser.

I have it sent to me every week, and practically all the lads in our section read it, even some of the lads who come from the North of England. I am at present somewhere in Italy, and it’s a lot better than North Africa, although the weather is fairly cold.

I saw a lorry with “Milton Queen” written on it, but I was not lucky enough to see the driver.

I am enclosing a copy of the “Union Jack” which I thought perhaps you might be interested, it is our best paper out here, and sometimes give a bit of home news.

Well, sir, I’m afraid I shall have to end these few lines as I have to report for duty, so I will wish you and all the Miltonians a victorious 1944, hoping to be with you all soon.

Percy Carter

* * * * *

MILTON Parochial Church Council are taking steps to increase the Rector’s salary to £600 per annum, the Rector having pointed out that after deductions and allowing for a gardener and domestic help, he is left with less than £2 a week on which to keep himself and his family.

The matter was brought up at the annual Church meeting held last week, when the Rector referred to it with great reluctance.

* * * * *

ALDERMAN W. Round, OBE, related a Council story which was thoroughly enjoyed at the New Milton Police Club dinner last week.

Replying to the toast of the Borough of Lymington, he remarked that Councils did not always get praised for their efforts. He told the story of a Scottish Corporation which had attended a civic service, at which the preacher, in the course of prayer, asked “for the blessing of the Corporation and magistrates — such as they are! — make them wiser and better!”

And when the civic fathers sent a deputation of protest at being referred to in such terms, the parson caustically commented: “so my prayer has not been answered!”


An A&T advert from 1944
An A&T advert from 1944


MRS CAROLINE CORTEZ (24), of Gore Road, New Milton, is in the best place there is during this cold, snowy weather, and she is getting paid for it!

Mrs Cortez is spending a fortnight in bed — in the window of Alderson’s Departmental Store in Old Milton Road . . . the idea being, says Mr Reginald Alderson, the store’s managing director, to get the public interested in the latest in bedroom comforts, such as a portable television, radio, a dual control electric blanket, and a tea-maker.

“I thought the best way to get people to stop and really take note was to put an attractive model in bed, and it is paying off,” he said. “Men in particular are having a good look, and after all they are the ones that have to pay!”

Mrs Cortez, who has two children, comments “It’s quite a laugh really. After all, I’m getting paid for lazing in bed doing absolutely nothing for a fortnight. I’ve got everything I need, and it’s lovely and warm. I’m not embarrassed — everything is quite decent.”

* * * * *

BRITISH Rail’s ferry vessel, the 22 years old Farringford, broke down with her usual paddle trouble near the Spit buoy off the mouth of Lymington River on the first trip from Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, on Wednesday.

Instead of arriving at Lymington at 8.40am as scheduled, she was towed into Lymington Pier at about 2pm with some 15 passengers, two lorries and two cars aboard. The scheduled time for the Solent crossing is 35 minutes.

Following the breakdown the vessel Lymington took over the services for the rest of the day and was still operating on Thursday morning.

* * * * *

CHRISTCHURCH planning committee has deferred decision on the proposed development of a disused brickfield at the rear of 55 Glenville Road, Walkford, Highcliffe.

The applicant plans for 30 houses and 44 flats, together with access roads and amenity areas.


A WOMAN was held up at gunpoint whilst walking her eight year old son in Hythe last week.

The 32 year old woman had stepped off a bus in Knightwood Road shortly before 8.15 on Tuesday night in last week. She and her young son walked the short distance to Ladycroft Road, where she saw a young man step away from two friends and approach her.

Dc Jeff White said that the man pointed the gun into the face of the woman and said. “Give us all your money, you bitch,” and threatened her with violence.

The woman, who was very frightened, told the man “to grow up” before hurrying away with her son as the man shouted abuse at her.

* * * * *

SIXTH Form status for New Milton’s grant-maintained Arnewood Comprehensive School was approved by the Secretary of State.

* * * * *

A SUB-COMMITTEE of Brockenhurst parish councillors is to meet a police-sergeant concerning inadequate policing in the village. “At no time can you get a policeman in the village, and the notice always says ‘Closed’ on the police house,” it was stated at Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Parish Council.

They referred to a recent incident where an unidentified man, stripped to the waist, called on elderly Mrs Gladys Jenvey in Fibbards Road, asking to use her ‘phone. Not unnaturally, she was frightened by the caller and shut her door — and it took 20 minutes for the police to arrive from New Milton.

Nevertheless the parish councillors were pleased to learn that someone had been fined for driving at 70mph in the restricted Burley Road, also a van driver. Others had been warned. John Clark suggested the police should be present there when Brockenhurst College students pass in the mornings — “then they will catch a lot more.”

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