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Motorist slammed by Forest Commoners Defence Association after trying to “nudge” donkeys off Brockenhurst road with his car.

A NEW Forest motorist has been slammed as “wrong on every level” for trying to ‘nudge’ donkeys out of the way with his car.

The driver was photographed in Brockenhurst manoeuvring between four donkeys on the road, before edging closer in an attempt to force them to move.

The photographer, who asked to remain anonymous, said she stopped taking photos to remonstrate with the driver.

The driver was photographed trying to ‘nudge’ donkeys in Brockenhurst
The driver was photographed trying to ‘nudge’ donkeys in Brockenhurst

She told the A&T: “I was watching this herd of donkeys come up the road.

“As they tend to do, the herd stopped because there was a dog barking on the green they were heading to and they were nervous.

“A foal had decided the centre of the road was the right place to take a drink, and the driver then cut in around him and split the herd apart.

“He then proceeded to nudge at them, even though they were in front of his car, at which point I ran up to him to shout as I couldn’t believe what he was doing.

“The driver was in his early 60s and l think local to the Forest by the reaction I got.”

She added: “l couldn’t sit back and watch this absolutely ridiculous fool carry on.

“He was trying to nudge animals with his car, which is why I ran up to his car – it was definitely his intent.

“There was no excuse for the way he drove – it’s inexcusable. I love where we live and we all have to do our best to protect it.”

Commoners Defence Association chair Andy Parry-Norton said: “What this driver’s done, you just can’t do.

“He’s showing no respect for the animals or the Forest and is clearly wrong on every level.

“Even a small tap from a vehicle could damage a donkey like this, not to mention his own car, which seems ridiculous.”

He added: “The law clearly states that you have to give right of way to animals on the Forest.

“We tend to be losing, in our society, our animal awareness.

“If you’re trying to drive past an animal at 40mph, then you have got to give the room.

“We need drivers to be animal aware, that’s the message the defence association is trying to get across.

“We want people to come to the Forest to enjoy the nature and wildlife, but it has to be respected.”

After the photographer shared his photos on social media, one commenter wrote: “He should be fined for dangerous behaviour.

“What an a*****e, people like that just don’t appreciate what a beautiful area we live in and the nature that’s all for free.”

Another said: “Hopefully the car will get kicked next time.”

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