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Bitten dog sparks warm weather adder warning for walkers

The adder warning came from Forest Lodge Veterinary Practice
The adder warning came from Forest Lodge Veterinary Practice

DOG walkers are being warned unseasonably warm weather is bringing adders out in the New Forest early this year after one pet had to be treated for a bite.

Forest Lodge Veterinary Practice in New Milton put out the message on Wednesday, having had to administer intensive treatment to a dog after it had a run-in with one of the snakes.

Assuring people the pooch was making a good recovery, the practice said the recent rise in temperature had brought the adders out early to bask in the sun.

“They will be sleepy and slow to move out of the way and they are usually at their most venomous in early spring,” it warned on Facebook.

“Please take care when walking on cliff tops and in the Forest and if you suspect your dog has been bitten contact us straight away.”

Adder bite symptoms to look out for in dogs include acute swelling, usually with two small holes visible on inspection, and sudden lethargy. They may also cry in pain.

In the event of an adder bite, the dog walkers are urged to avoid fast movement as this circulates the venom quicker.

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