New Milton Rugby Club beat blizzard and Millbrook

A New Milton line-out (Photo: David Corbett)

NEW MILTON RFC consolidated their sixth position in the Hants Premier League with a low scoring tight victory against Millbrook at Ashley Rec on Saturday.


The teams had to combat atrocious conditions with the cold wind and rain blowing up the pitch. The hardy players all survived though substitutes were used to replace some affected by the blizzard conditions.

In the first half, Milton had to play against the weather. Both teams attempted to move the ball out to the backs, but cold hands and a slippery ball made it a lottery and it was left to the forwards to gain territory and pressurise. However, the defences held and the only score going into the break was a converted penalty by Millbrook for a 0-3 half-time lead.

Both teams gained a short respite from the conditions at the break. Milton quickly got their game going and following a line out, the ball was moved across the pitch for Chris Conacher to break through to touch down.

More pressure in Millbrook’s 22 followed and Milton won a penalty which Adam Lavis converted. The score inspired Millbrook who quickly put a good attack together to score a try in the corner.

The game flowed from one half to the other, both teams having to defend their line which gave opportunities for penalties. Milton were awarded two, the first converted by Lavis and the second by Conacher for a 14-8 final winning score in New Milton’s favour.

New Milton: E. Hynd, L. Booker, R. Frampton, T. Reed, A. George, J. Whittle, L. Thomas, S. Bew, J. O’Regan, A. Lavis, C. Conacher, N. Smith, C. Jewiss, S. O’Regan, A. Gunn, J.  Lines, Z. Smith.