Call for fresh talks to jump-start stalled pedal car race

New Milton pedal car
The New Milton Pedal Car Grand Prix may not have reached a dead end amid as talks begin to find a new organiser

THE New Milton Pedal Car Grand Prix may have simply stalled rather than ground to a complete halt as town councillors are set to discuss its future.


A lifeline could be thrown for the popular biennial event after escalating costs brought about the end of the New Milton Jubilee Fund, which set up the race in 2005 to run alternately with Ringwood’s pedal car grand prix.

As reported in the A&T, the jubilee group, which launched in 2002 to help organise local commemorations marking the Queen’s 50-year reign, was dissolved in December.

Robin Ede, who had been chairman throughout its 17 years, had said the town’s most recent pedal car event in July last year cost £4,000 more to organise than the one in 2017.

The total cost of just over £10,000 meant there was a much smaller amount of funds to give to the local youth groups for which it was held in aid.

Ringwood’s pedal car grand prix, which is run separately by its own organising committee, remains unaffected and will next be staged on 12th July this year.

Speaking at a recent New Milton Town Council meeting, Cllr David Hawkins called for action to prevent the town losing such a popular fixture.

“When the New Milton Jubilee Fund ceased to exist, a casualty of this was the New Milton pedal car race – I would very much hate to lose that,” Cllr Hawkins said.

“I would like to think that we can in this two-year period before we hit it, see if we as a town council can look into finding someone else to run it or, perhaps, look into running it ourselves.”

Acting council chairman and deputy mayor Cllr Keith Craze agreed, saying the council would look into it.

“The pedal car grand prix is a good draw to the town over the period of days when it is held,” he said.