New Milton cricket coach on digital drive to keep kids active

New Milton cricket coach Ryan Beck has been posting short cricket videos for kids during lockdown

NEW Milton Cricket Club coach Ryan Beck has been putting children through their paces with daily exercises during the lockdown.


Beck, who plays for New Milton first team in Southern Premier League Division One, is also a Hampshire Cricket Board community coach and school activator.

He started posting short clips on Facebook every day to help kids improve their cricket skills from their home during self-isolation. From throwing balls at buckets to catching practice using walls, Beck has made cricket drills fun for children across the local area.

Beck told the A&T: “I work in schools, and it seemed like a good idea to still deliver cricket or PE for everyone on the New Milton Cricket Club Facebook page. It has been shared, and it’s teaching kids from other clubs and schools, which is amazing.

“We’ve reached 7,000 views on day five. The kids inspired me, and it is important they do some activities each day.”

Beck added that this could encourage children to join local cricket clubs after the self-isolation period ends.

He said: “I’d like kids to get some form of knowledge of cricket and play with those who are at home with them. They could maybe go on and join cricket clubs around the area with Allstars and Dynamos programs.”

To watch the videos, go to the New Milton Cricket Club Facebook page.